TDandHB Title


"I can also endorse these great presenters. They are knowledgeable, fun, and good huggers, too."

— Master Dale, Summer WoW event producer

"We think very highly of TouchDeep and HeartBound as presenters (and generally as awesome people)… Please feel free to contact us if there is any additional information we could provide :-)"

— Shay, for Stefanos & Shay, presenters

"Over my time as programming coordinator and assistant producer for Dark Odyssey events (2011-2014), I found it to be a privilege and a pleasure to work with TouchDeep and HeartBound.


"Their workshops and rituals connect with people in a powerful way, and were frequently cited as critical moments in creating a meaningful experience for attendees at the events. Both TouchDeep and HeartBound approach sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality from a genuine place of compassion and love, which attendees of their programming respond to in kind. Equally important, they bring that approach to a wide range of topics, from sensual connectedness to erotic techniques, D/s dynamics, communication, and more.


"From the production and programming side of things, they make every effort to be low-maintenance and accommodating, while not being afraid to clearly state their needs. These are presenters with whom I felt no qualms about laying out what I had available to me in terms of resources, supplies, and scheduling, knowing that they would work with me to ensure that attendees got an ideal experience. And once things are finalized with TouchDeep and HeartBound, they are done. Baring an unforeseen emergency, I never had to fear that they would message at the last minute, or show up to an event and make demands for anything more than we had already discussed.


"Likewise, they have shown an adaptability and desire to grow that I found incredibly gratifying as a programming coordinator. There were times when rituals or classes could have benefited from some tailoring to suit my audience, and TouchDeep and HeartBound worked with me to shape their offerings to best effect. They also continually added new offerings and gave me feedback when an old favorite was not grabbing the interest that it once did, both things that are rare and valuable among presenters.


"They would be a marvelous addition to any programming line up, and I would be happy to discuss things further if you would like."

— Wintersong Tashlin, former Assistant Producer for Dark Odyssey Events 2011-2014