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Head, Neck, and Shoulders Massage Intensive

Deep Relaxation at Your Fingertips!

"Master said that he wanted to make sure we made it to at least one of your classes. It was well worth it and a great decision."


Want to have magic hands? This is a head, neck, and shoulders intensive partner-massage experience, including principles, techniques, when and where not to massage, expert demonstrations, and lots of hands-on practice. Learn how to massage stressed-out and sore muscles and do melt-into-the-floor massage in a dynamic, participatory class. Everyone will give and receive massage (unless you and your partner decide not to switch. You do you!), with step-by-step instructions and personal coaching.


All of the massage in this class can be done fully clothed, seated in a chair.


Come with a partner or find one at the class.

Notes for Event Producers

Everyone loves massage, and this workshop give partners the tools and techniques to help melt away each other's stress! We find that partners often deepen their connections with each other in this class.

Logistical Requirements

• Quiet, carpeted room.

• Chairs set in a horseshoe (3-sided circle) configuration.

• A six-foot or larger table.

• Temperature comfortable for massage.

Materials Needed

• A professional-quality massage table and sheet.

• All of our hand-outs are PDFs, sent to participants via e-mail.

Program Type

Full-participation experience.

Optimal Presentation Length

90 minutes.

Participant Skill Level Required

All skill levels.

Programming Track

BDSM Advanced Skills

Presentation History

  • Naughty Gras, 2023
  • The Floating World, 2013
  • Brimstone IV, 2013

Here's What Participants Have Said About Head, Neck, and Shoulders Massage Intensive

"Very engaging, fantastic energy." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"It was a great class." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Very good at showing technique and answering questions." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Open, playful, teaching style." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Great interaction and strong presentation skills." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"I've had a lot of massage over 20+ years. Your presentation was absolutely spot-on! It was helpful for me personally in that I learned more about what I receive so I can better do it to partners. Plus was fun having the erotic aspects. Excellent program!" —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Funny, engaging, wonderful." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Great rapport with each other and the audience." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Very knowledgable, humorous." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Excellent session." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Lovely energy between you two." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Very appreciated. I enjoyed strengthening the bond with my partner through touch." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"This was a great presentation." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Loved all you did. Thank you." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Fantastic. Will seek more demos from you." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"I had a great time!" —Naughty Gras, 2023


"I would love to attend all of your workshops." —Naughty Gras, 2023


“Master said that he wanted to make sure we made it to at least one of your classes. It was well worth it and a great decision. …We both agreed that you have a very inviting and “sparkling” (Master’s word) personality.” —The Floating World, 2013