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Demo for us!

We love using demo people in our classes!

What We Do

We use demo submissives, bottoms, and masochists for several of our most popular classes, including Close-In Impact Play, Delicious Deprivation, Sensual Sadistic Massage Intensive, Kneel For Me: Rituals for Submission, and Deepening Your Domination.


Being a demo person for us is a wonderful way to get a great close-up experience of the class, try something(s!) new, support the community, impress your friends, and have fun!

— Delicious Deprivation, Brimstone 6, New Jersey

Our Selection & Preparation Process

Here’s our process for choosing and working with our demo people.


The Search

We typically start looking for a demo person two or three months ahead of the event, once we know which classes the event producer would like us to present. Our typical load is three or four classes per event, so sometimes we are looking for multiple demo people, or a demo person to do more than one class (or both!).


We have a seven-point basic criteria checklist that we use in our search, plus criteria specific to the particular class for which we need the demo person.


We usually search for prospective demo people in the “I’m Going” section of the event page on Fetlife, although sometimes we use demo people with whom we have experience who we know will be attending the event. From that search, we create a list of candidates, which we then prioritize and contact in order, one at a time.


The Ask

Once we have a list of three or four prospective demo people, we send out a long and detailed Fetlife DM or e-mail query that includes:

• the name of the event.

• the date and time of the class (if we have it).

• an invitation to be our demo person.

• the description of the class.

• a detailed description of what we’ll cover in the class.

• a multi-point checklist of what we require of our demo person .

• a link to the Demo Bottom’s Bill of Rights, to which we subscribe.

• a link to our website for more information about us.

• and the next step in the process, if the recipient is interested.


The Conversation

There is typically some back-and-forth DM or e-mail conversation to answer questions. Once the prospective demo person has said yes, we schedule a video conversation so we can all meet each other, go over the content and flow of the class, run through our requirements checklist again, and simply get to know each other.


This is the time when we ask detailed questions about their soft and hard limits as they pertain to the content of the class, and when we do preliminary negotiation. We make lots of notes, and go over everything again when we rehearse on-site.


We are all usually pretty excited at that point, and ready to do the thing!


The Rehearsal

The next time we meet is in person, at the event. We schedule an in-person rehearsal early in the event, which we find incredibly helpful, and a whole lot of fun! We go through the whole class, use all of the tools and techniques, negotiate as necessary, and check on and confirm their relevant soft and hard limits.


This is also the time when we collectively decide what the demo person will wear, based on their own wardrobe possibilities. Also fun!


The Warm Up

On the day of the class, we meet a half hour or so before the class starts. We often walk to the classroom together to reconnect and build energy—a process that continues as we prepare the space and set up.


The Class

Once the class starts, we keep a careful watch on our demo person, checking in frequently. As anyone in show business (or who has ever given any kind of presentation) knows, doing the thing is a lot different than preparing to do the thing! All kinds of things can happen, so we do our best to catch things early. That said, our demo people usually have a great time!


The Evaluation

We like to sit down immediately or soon after the class with our demo person, to provide aftercare and debrief the experience.


Our Goals

The goals of our preparation process are to:

1. Build trust.

2. Gain consent.

3. Develop depth of connection.

4. Create a fantastic experience for everyone!

5. Do a successful presentation!


We've found that using our criteria and the preparation process described here, including the video call weeks before the event and a rehearsal on-site, have given us great success.


Our intention is to deliver excellent education to the kink community, and have a great time doing it.



Our best demo people understand the educational part of what they are doing. Connecting with the audience, understanding the audience's needs and desires, and the occasional bit of theatre—all of these breathe life into the role and add energy and value to the workshop.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

We subscribe to The Demo Bottom’s Bill of Rights that were developed by Sarah Sloane and Tristan Taormino.

The Classes

Each class has it's own description and requirements for our demo people. Click on the demo link for demo person info for the specific class. (Class descriptions are here.)

We use a demo masochist for Close-In Impact Play.


We use a demo bottom/submissive for Delicious Deprivation.


We use a demo masochist for Sensual Sadistic Massage Intensive.


We use a demo submissive for Kneel For Me: Rituals for Submission.


We use a demo submissive for Deepening Your Domination.

Here’s What Our Demo People Have Said About Working With Us:

"Memories of demo bottoming for you in your Sensual Sadistic Message Intensive workshop are some of my fondest!!" —Sensual Sadistic Message Intensive


“I'm one of those people who like being watched and like watching, plus you add restraints, touch, and being lead around a room—perfect session indeed!” —Delicious Deprivation