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Demo Masochist Description & Requirements for close-in impact play

We use a demo masochist for our Close-In Impact Play class. The pain is intense, and so is the pleasure! If that sounds exciting, read on!

Here's the class description…

“I could feel their breath on my neck. Their hand in my hair. And the sharp lash of the flogger biting my tender flesh.”


Imagine an entirely new kind of impact play. Remarkably close to your partner. Sensuous. Hot. Delicious. You’ll learn to do it, step by step through the flow of a scene, from beginning to advanced level, using new techniques and a wide range of impact tools, including just your hands! Create energy in your connection like never before. Transform your play forever.


No late admission.


No partner required to attend.

What will this experience be like for the demo masochist?

Intense! All of the class participants will watch you experience varying types and levels of impact play, from light to heavy. The method of the class has participants watching an experience being demonstrated, hearing HeartBound and I talk about the experience, then engaging in guided discussion about it, which will include questions to you about your part of the experience.


TouchDeep and HeartBound will both be involved with short demonstrations with each other and with you throughout the class. Through the course of the class we’ll be using you to demonstrate a variety of tools and techniques, including:

• floggers

• crops

• canes

• paddles

• sapper

• tawse

• truncheon

• bare-handed spanking

• rough body play

• breast (impact) play


We do demonstrations integrating impact play with other forms of BDSM, so we will ask you to kneel, take positions of submission, possibly wear a blindfold or gag, and a variety of other kinky behaviors.


Participants will not physically engage in demonstrations with you.


You will need to remove some of your outer clothing for the class. Some level of nudity is necessary for maximum class impact (pun intended!). There will be no genital contact. Both TouchDeep and HeartBound will be fully dressed at all times.

It’s important that you be…

• a confirmed masochist comfortable with light to heavy S/M, deep pain, and close physical contact.


• comfortable with being dominated by both men and women (or at least us!).


• comfortable and confident in a partial state of undress in front of a class.


• absolutely available for the scheduled class time.


• in integrity with your partner(s) around being a demo bottom-masochist for us.


• completely comfortable with accessing your deep masochistic self.


• completely comfortable engaging in short demonstration scenes with HeartBound and me.


• available to meet at a mutually agreed-upon time beforehand for a pre-class negotiation and mini-rehearsal.


• able and willing to communicate comfortably and in the moment using standard safe words of yellow and red.


• able to articulate your experience in front of a class when called upon to do so.


• in generally good health.


• if you’re a smoker, able to abstain for several hours prior to the class.


• at complete ease about doing this. Nobody but you should be making the choice to demo bottom-masochist for us.


If you meet all of the qualifications above and are interested in being our demo masochist, we look forward to hearing from you! Fill on the contact form on the main page to let us know that you're interested, or respond to our DM on Fetlife.

We'll be happy to answer your questions. We will want to have a video conversation with you soon, well before the class.

We adhere to the Demo Bottom’s Bill of Rights that were developed by Sarah Sloane and Tristan Taormino.