The Origin Story of Our “Close-In Impact Play” Class.

I’ll bet you have memories, like I do, of being in a play space, and watching impact play. The person wielding the implement was over here, and the person receiving was over there. And if it was single tail, the person giving was over here, and the person receiving was waaaay over there.


For as long as I can remember, people have described me as a “hugger”. Touch has always been important to me. High touch is what I am, and at this stage of my life, I embrace it.


I learned as I moved through life that intimacy and touch are, for me, tightly connected. A physical connection, even if no more than a deep hug, is part and parcel of deep emotional and spiritual connections.


When I was introduced to the wide world of the BDSM scene, I did lots of things, learning skills and seeing what I liked and what I didn’t. I noticed what was fun but nothing more, and what touched me deeply.


I found that when I was the person over here or over there, either as a giver or receiver, I felt disconnected from my play partner.


Over time, my understanding of myself as a sexual being both evolved (which it continues to do!) and became clearer. My play has, literally and figuratively, become closer, and more intimate.


So now, some twenty-five years in from my introduction to the scene, my partner HeartBound and I been teaching in the BDSM world for ten years.


A lot of what we teach is what we care about: deep human connection, sensual touch, and the intensity found at the intersection of BDSM and the body/mind/spirit relationship.


So when we wanted to address impact play, it was obvious that over here, and over there for us needed to reflect our authentic ways or being—and be much closer, in every why.


That became our Close-In Impact Play class.


We wanted to bring all of the things that we care about in intimate play and make impact play richer and deeper and more connected for the people in our class.


We wanted to show that impact play can be sensual, intimate, sadistic, hot, intense, and deeply connected, all at the same time.


So we teach it step-by-step through the flow of a scene, from beginning to advanced level, using new techniques and a wide range of impact tools, including just our hands.


It’s incredible impact play focused around deep human connection.


Our intentions are to feed people who have been hungry for sensual touch and deep human connection, and to nurture and create energy and sacred sexual completeness between partners.


Close-In Impact Play can do all of that, transforming your play from good or even great, to magical! —TouchDeep

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