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the sacred touch experience

Our Most-Requested Presentation!

"I honestly feel like the Sacred Touch Experience was life-changing. I have not connected so fully, with so many people in a very long time (or maybe ever). I have carried this openness and willingness to connect back into my daily life and it feels wonderful. Thank you so much!”


Giving and receiving touch and meeting new people can be an exciting but sometimes scary experience! We’re going to do both in a delicious, deep, and easy way that integrates our honored sacred selves with our hot sexual selves. What a great way to meet new people!


Imagine an inner circle of people surrounded by an outer circle, one moving around the other, building connection in safe space, being guided into deeper and deeper touch, wrapping the sacred and the erotic around each other. The ‘receiving’ circle will be blindfolded, and the ‘giving’ circle’s touch will be guided through heart connection to deliciously-hot full-body sensations. You'll leave feeling great and with new friends!


No late admission.


No partner required to attend.

Notes for Event Producers

The Sacred Touch Experience is an outstanding first-evening special event! It’s most effective for your event when the majority of the participants have arrived. The Sacred Touch Experience helps newbies make friends, gets participants' energy ramped up for an exciting evening and event, and helps participants meet new play partners! Because it is a participant-shaped experience, no two are ever alike. We find that lots of people do it again, and it’s not unusual to find people who have done it several times.


We consistently fill rooms with this class. People come back to do it two, three, and even four times. There’s a reason it’s the first class on our list! It filled the room at Dark Odyssey Winter Fire each of the three times (in three consecutive years!) that we’ve presented it there. People ask us when they’ll get to do it again!


The Sacred Touch Experience requires a minimum of twenty participants.

Logistical Requirements

• Quiet, carpeted room or flat grassy space.

• Chairs arranged in a circle, with the extra chairs, if any, pushed back against the walls. (All chairs will be pushed against the wall shortly after the workshop begins.)

• A six-foot or larger table.

• Room temperature comfortable for nudity.

• Lights on accessible dimmers or already dimmed.

• The Sacred Touch Experience requires a minimum of twenty participants.

Materials Needed

None. All of our hand-outs are PDFs, sent to participants via e-mail.

Program Type

Full-participation experience.

Optimal Presentation Length

TWO FULL HOURS, often arranged as an open-ended 90-minute time slot. This workshop will NOT compress to 90 minutes.

Participant Skill Level Required

All skill levels.

Programming Track

Sex Skills, Relationships, Spirituality/Personal Growth

Presentation History

  • Naughty Gras, 2024
  • Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023
  • Naughty Gras, 2023
  • AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017
  • Beat Me in St. Louis, 2016
  • E-P-I-C Lifestyle Conference, 2016
  • Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2015
  • Dark Odyssey: SummerFest, 2015
  • The Geeky Kink Event, 2015
  • THE Beltane, 2014
  • Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2014
  • Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2014
  • Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2013
  • Charm City Fetish Fair, 2013
  • The Floating World, 2013
  • Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp, 2013
  • Brimstone IV, 2013
  • Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2013

Here’s What Participants Have Said about The Sacred Touch Experience:

"Wonderful class!" —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Great experience!" —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Love this class!" —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Seamless and well executed." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"TouchDeep and HeartBound are constantly updating for safety and inclusion."" —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Excellent experience! I want to recreate this with my friends and partners!" —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"I had a lot of fun, thank you." —Dark Odyssey: Fusion., 2023


"Loved." —Dark Odyssey: Fusion., 2023


"Great experience." —Dark Odyssey: Fusion., 2023


"GREAT CLASS." —Naughty Gras, 2023


“…I really, really got a lot out of the Sacred Touch workshop, which I’d love to participate in again. I’m still processing some of what I learned and it was just totally amazing.” —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Knowledgable, personable, fun." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Very dynamic and thorough." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Good energy, very safe." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Excellent session." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Established a safe, trusting environment, offered gratitude to each participant." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Thank you for focusing so strongly on consent." —Naughty Gras, 2023


"I very much enjoyed the experience…" —Naughty Gras, 2023


"It was great, would love to do it again." —Naughty Gras, 2023

"I loved and needed the experience." —Naughty Gras, 2023.


"More of this, please!" —Naughty Gras, 2023


"Can’t say enough wonderful things about both of your classes. Still reeling from the intensity of The Sacred Touch Experience. Thank you so much for such meaningful experiences!” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“The thought of even attending this unique class gave me such happiness! … The class was everything I dreamed of and more.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“It was truly an amazing class. My partner and I each stepped radically outside our comfort zones.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Loved it! A real highlight that was very meaningful for me.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“This was probably my favorite class for the weekend! Hopefully they’ll bring it back!” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“This class definitely made the whole weekend for me. I loved it!” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Like everyone else in that room, this was a new experience for me, and it is a testament to the presenters, TouchDeep and HeartBound, how comfortable everyone felt, and how well the experience worked.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“I’m not sure yet how this experience will ultimately fit into my journey, but I do know that it was meaningful and genuine. And really, how often do you get that from a two-hour class at a con?” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“It was very erotic and would love to do it again.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Absolutely amazing experience I will never forget. Thank you!” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“My knees are jello. It was perfect! It awakened so many things within me.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Amazing! I feel reborn, and will tell everyone.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Thank you for Sacred Touch, my absolute favorite workshop of the weekend. It needed to be 5 times as long! Let me/us know if you put on an intensive day/weekend here or nearby. I hope the powers that be invite you for an encore at Spanksgiving in November!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2016


“The Sacred Touch Experience was incredible. Thank you so, so much for what you do!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2016


“The Sacred Touch Experience set the mood for the whole weekend. Mr.Wonderful and I had the most erotic, loving and deeply connected experiences. Especially following up with the Sexual Energy Intensive for Partners class. One of the hottest experiences. Ever.


"Can’t wait to see you both again!!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2016


Never thought I could be more attracted to my little, Sookies, than I was before coming to both your touch classes. I was wrong. Intense and practical. We haven’t stopped using the techniques since the weekend. It still makes her cry when I stare into her eyes.


“Good fun having permission to touch so many different body types and found myself enjoying seeing my princess get handled by both men and women.


“Best BMSL sessions ever and there have been quite a few good ones.


"Thank you receivers in Sacred Touch who let me tease, excite and hopefully surprise you.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2016


“Excellent group management skills.” —Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2015


“Fabulous experience!” —Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2015


“I was surprised at the number of orgasms—I hadn’t expected that.” —Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2015


“It was amazing to connect so deeply and easily with complete strangers.” —Dark Odyssey: SummerFest, 2015


“It was such a wonderful experience. Thanks to both of you for providing such wonderful energy. I was able to step out of my normal role and discover a new wonderful side of myself. I am eternally grateful to both of you and everyone else who “touched ” me during the ‘Sacred Touch’…” —Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2015


“I felt deeply honored and blessed by everyone who participated in this ceremony. It was the first Sacred Touch Experience I’ve been a part of and I felt safe, loved and accepted for who I was. I’m glad I dragged my roommates along as I think it was a perfect way to start the weekend. And I noticed that I kept looking for others who had participated in the ceremony during the weekend and had this wonderful afterglow knowing that they connected with me in a way and saw me in a way that few others get to see. I also realized later that I began and ended (full circle) the weekend with some of those who attempted the ceremony. And that for the first time ever at one of these events, I didn’t have traditional PIV sex, but felt completely sexually satisfied! Amen. A new side of me. So thank you again!” —Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2015


“This was amazing and I want to do it again!” —The Geeky Kink Event, 2015


“Touchdeep and Heartbound were great presenters and created a safe calming bubble to let go of fears and just be in the moment!” —Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2014


“My wife (and I) met you at the Sacred Touch Experience last Friday. I want to let you know how much we appreciated the event and what a powerful experience it was for us in the context of Winter Fire. It primed us for openness and connection for the entire weekend especially with those who also participated. When I ran into other Sacred Touch participants again it was amazing to see the look of recognition in their eyes and feel our reconnection as we greeted each other.


“I realize I’m probably still experiencing a high from the weekend but I honestly feel like the Sacred Touch Experience was life changing. I have not connected so fully, with so many people in a very long time (or maybe ever). I have carried this openness and willingness to connect back into my daily life and it feels wonderful.


“Thank you so much!” —Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire, 2013