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Sensual Sadistic Massage Intensive

Intense Pain and Pleasure!

"Thank you so much, it was by far my favorite experience in classes at Winter Wickedness”


Love pain and pleasure wrapped together? So do we! This is an intensive, highly participatory class, including techniques, expert demonstrations, and lots of hands-on practice. We integrate sensual and sadistic massage to create an exquisite, exceptionally hot experience that will take your partner’s breath away! Partners may each give and receive or may just give or receive, your choice, with step-by-step instructions and personal coaching. This is the perfect class for sadists who want to learn new skills to bring something special to their masochists and for submissives who want to give their dominants the hottest massage ever!


No late admission.


Come with a partner or find one at the workshop.

Notes for Event Producers

One of our hottest presentations! This class has been standing room only each time we’ve done it. It’s super fun, and a serious crowd pleaser!


Our massage intensive participants asked us for a sensual massage class. We took that desire and raised the bar! Building on the solid foundation of our other massage intensives, this workshop is a great combination of S/M and sensual touch.


This class requires wrestling or yoga mats for all participants.

Logistical Requirements

• Quiet, carpeted room.

• Chairs set in a horseshoe (3-sided circle) configuration with the extra chairs, if any, pushed back against the walls.

• An eight-foot table.

• Room temperature comfortable for nudity.

• Lights on accessible dimmers or already dimmed.

Materials Needed

• A single massage table.

• Wrestling mats or yoga mats to cover as much of the space as possible.

• All of our hand-outs are PDFs, sent to participants via e-mail.

Program Type

Full-participation experience.

Optimal Presentation Length

90 minutes.

Participant Skill Level Required

All skill levels.

Programming Track

BDSM Advanced Skills.


S/M, massage, sensual, sadistic, touch

Presentation History

  • KinkFest, 2024
  • Naughty Noel, 2021
  • Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018
  • Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018
  • AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017

Here's What Participants Have Said About Sensual Sadistic Massage Intensive

"This class was fabulous!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Wonderful experience." —KinkFest, 2024


"Humour, engaging." —KinkFest, 2024


"You're awesome. Thank you for sharing your kinks." —KinkFest, 2024


"Excellent pacing—show AND tell at the same time—lotsa content, practice. All one and a half hours were engaging." —KinkFest, 2024


"Strong, clear, and entertaining presenters!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Well organized and engaging." —KinkFest, 2024


"Thank you!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Lots of demo and hands-on time." —KinkFest, 2024

"Great workshop, super informative." —KinkFest, 2024


"Clear voice, clear words." —KinkFest, 2024


"Good use of microphones and reflective commentary." —KinkFest, 2024


Thank you!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Excellent!" —KinkFest, 2024


"More!!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Again next year!" —KinkFest, 2024


"This class, and yesterday's Close-In Impact Play class, were both TOP NOTCH!" —KinkFest, 2024


"You work very well as a team." —KinkFest, 2024


"Every single thing/lesson was 100%." —KinkFest, 2024


"HeartBound has amazing wit." —KinkFest, 2024


This has been my favorite class." —KinkFest, 2024


"Absolute pleasure to watch." —KinkFest, 2024


"Engaging, knowledgeable." —KinkFest, 2024


"Personality, humorous, experienced." —KinkFest, 2024


"I have loved your classes this weekend!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Thank you for a very fun and engaging class!" —KinkFest, 2024


"This was great! Thank you." —KinkFest, 2024


"Great class! Very enjoyable." —KinkFest, 2024


"Thorough explanations!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Engaging presentation." —KinkFest, 2024


"Loved it!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Fun!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Effective communicators." —KinkFest, 2024


"Great class, excellent communication." —KinkFest, 2024


"Deep knowledge and fun sharing!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Very good speaking, patter, jokes." —KinkFest, 2024


"Pace, humor, demo, everything." —KinkFest, 2024


"Lots learned, lots to try." —KinkFest, 2024


"Stage presence, interaction, participation." —KinkFest, 2024


"I think both of you have a great skill at making your audience feel safe. Setting a very clear tone from the start that not only tells participants how to respond but reinforces your content. Favorite presenters at the conference." —KinkFest, 2024


"Open people, welcoming, with great energy." —Naughty Noel, 2021


"Explicit, concise instruction" —Naughty Noel, 2021


"Love the class. Thank you." —Naughty Noel, 2021


"Experienced presenters." —Naughty Noel, 2021


"Deep knowledge of subject." —Naughty Noel, 2021


"Well organized." —Naughty Noel, 2021


"Loved interactive participation." —Naughty Noel, 2021


"I would definitely come back." —Naughty Noel, 2021


"So much delicious info and new skills!!" —Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018


"Great! Can't wait for more classes." —Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018


"Fabulous event." —Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018


"They make the material very accessible and are very good at establishing a comfortable atmosphere." —Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018


"This was an excellent experience! I will be attending more classes." —Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018


"I found both Deepening your Submission and Sensual Sadistic Massage by TouchDeep and HeartBound invaluable. I’d love to take more classes by this dynamic duo." —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Excellent presenter. Loved It!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Very knowledgeable and entertaining. I loved the participation.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“I know the topic well enough to know it was an excellent class, and I learned new things.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Subject matter EXPERTS.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Well-spoken and articulate.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Thank you! Your classes have been my favorite!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“We love the type of content you bring!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Wonderful with connecting with the audience!!!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Best presenters this weekend!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Loved your Sensual Sadistic Massage Intensive. Thank you so much, it was by far my favorite experience in classes at Winter Wickedness” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Wow! Excellent!” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Great class!” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017


“Leaders were great.” —AIS Winter Wickedness, 2017