TDandHB Title


Deep Desires, Deep Fulfillment

“I enjoyed it. I wish I could watch it again. Very well presented.”


This is an intermediate/advanced-level, highly participatory class for submissives who want to go deeper into fulfilling their needs and desires. This class is for you if you want to ramp-up the intensity of your submissive experiences and fully integrate your body, mind, and spirit in submission. We’ll explore your inner submissive through intense, immersive experiences that reach deep into your submissive self.


No partner required to attend.

Notes for Event Producers

This interactive class delves deeply into the submissive self, engaging needs and desires that long for attention, and offering means to integrate that deeper knowledge into each person’s relationships and play.

Logistical Requirements

• Chairs set in a horseshoe (3-sided circle) configuration.

• A six-foot or larger table.

Materials Needed

An easel with a newsprint pad or white board and markers. All of our hand-outs are PDFs, sent to participants via e-mail.

Program Type

Demonstration and Hands-On Practice.

Optimal Presentation Length

90 minutes.

Participant Skill Level Required

Submissives with intermediate/advanced experience in submission.

Programming Track

Spirituality/Personal Growth, Relationships, BDSM Advanced Skills

Presentation History

  • Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018
  • Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018

Here’s What Participants Have Said about Deepening Your Submission

Fantastic, thank you!“ —Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium, 2018


"I found both Deepening your Submission and Sensual Sadistic Massage by TouchDeep and HeartBound invaluable. I’d love to take more classes by this dynamic duo." —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Great presentation!” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Excellent use of demonstration.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Very well organized and eloquently presented.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Loved you guys. Funny, smart.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“Excellent communication and knowledge.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018


“I enjoyed it. I wish I could watch it again. Very well presented.” —Beat Me in St. Louis, 2018