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Close-In Impact Play

Deep Connection in S/M

"The workshop was wonderful!! TouchDeep and HeartBound worked seamlessly together & my eyes, ears and imagination have been filled & ignited & awakened even further!"


“I could feel their breath on my neck. Their hand in my hair. And the sharp lash of the flogger biting my tender flesh.”


Imagine an entirely new kind of impact play. Remarkably close to your partner. Sensuous. Hot. Delicious. You’ll learn to do it, step by step through the flow of a scene, from beginning to advanced level, using new techniques and a wide range of impact tools, including just your hands! Create energy in your connection like never before. Transform your play forever.

No late admission.


No partner required to attend.

Notes for Event Producers

We take impact play and focus it around deep human connection. It’s pretty darn hot!


Impact play is often done out of arm's reach of the receiver, sacrificing connection and intimacy. This class brings all of those things together using the rich, deep connection methods for which we are known.

Logistical Requirements

• Chairs set in a horseshoe (3-sided circle) configuration.

• An eight-foot table.

• An adjustable-height massage table.

Materials Needed

None. All of our hand-outs are PDFs, sent to participants via e-mail.

Program Type

Lecture/Demonstration/Hands-on Practice.

Optimal Presentation Length

90 minutes.

Participant Skill Level Required

All skill levels.

Programming Track

BDSM 101 Skills, BDSM Advanced Skills, Relationships


S/M, sensual, impact, touch, sensation, intimacy, connection

Presentation History

• KinkFest, 2024

• Naughty Gras, 2024

• Baltimore Playhouse, 2023

• Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023

• THE Beltane, 2023

• Brimstone 6, 2019

Here's What Participants Have Said About Close-In Impact Play:

"We've been together 40 years and learned so much! The first exercise alone made the trip to Portland worth it!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Thank you!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Loved it." —KinkFest, 2024


"They clearly are experienced." —KinkFest, 2024


"I'm going to use this info tonight in the dungeon." —KinkFest, 2024


"Smiles and fun while presenting." —KinkFest, 2024


"I'm so looking forward to all of your workshops this weekend." —KinkFest, 2024


"They both are very educated." —KinkFest, 2024


"Great presentation, I learned a lot. Thank you." —KinkFest, 2024


"Very personable and energetic." —KinkFest, 2024


"Charisma and joy." —KinkFest, 2024


"Experience, wit." —KinkFest, 2024


"Fun, gregarious, skilled." —KinkFest, 2024


"Great workshop, thank you!" —KinkFest, 2024


"Very interesting class, very lovely presenters. Great personality and energy." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"They use humor well." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Both good presenters." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Thank you!!" —Naughty Gras, 2024


"It was all valuable." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Their relationship and sharing equal time is beautiful!" —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Loved it! Truly." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Knowledgeable, experienced, and well organized." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Strong balance of education and demonstration." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"I'm literally brand new. This is my first class. I really appreciated getting to see the interaction in a teaching way." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Great synergy." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Knowledgeable, fun." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"All perfect." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"The whole class was great" —Naughty Gras, 2024


"You work well together." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Excellent pacing." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"Good communication." —Naughty Gras, 2024


"This was a beautiful presentation and I’m grateful to have been able to witness it." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Well organized, connected, good flow, professional." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"The class was well-planned and -executed." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"The Close-In Impact Class taught by TouchDeep and HeartBound was fascinating and insightful. I learned a lot about not only several really awesome techniques that can improve intimacy and provide better feedback during a scene, but it was excellent to have my eyes opened to a very different philosophy behind how to approach impact play." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"So incredibly thorough!" —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"It was a lovely presentation and seeing those ideas demonstrated and with people who are connected, makes all the difference. It's one thing to read some thing on paper, it's even better when it's demonstrated." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Articulate, knowledgeable." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"You two are excellent teachers." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"The class deeply resonated with me. It was beautiful to see the connection between the two of you as well as your demo masochist. Well done beautiful people!" —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"I really enjoyed this workshop. I am new to impact and have bottomed a handful of times but this brought a fresh new perspective." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Explaining the social dynamics of impact play was wonderful." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Very cool and thoughtful demonstration. Great vibes between you two and with the lovely (demo) masochist as well." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"The workshop was wonderful!! TouchDeep and HeartBound worked seamlessly together & my eyes, ears and imagination have been filled & ignited & awakened even further!" —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Everything I expected and more." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Not what I expected—better!" —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"You two are fascinating presenters." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"The deep and utter care you have for each other is so apparent." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Thank you for a wonderful class, and I can't wait for another." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Down to earth presentation." —Baltimore Playhouse, 2023


"Excellent presentation!" —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Beautiful presentation! The opportunity to see conscious touch highlighted in a scene was very helpful." —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Loved participating!" —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Outstanding!" —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Great humor, engaging!" —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Good presentation style and flow, plus audience participation." —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Very entertaining and engaging class." —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Really enjoyed this!" —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Thank you!" —Dark Odyssey: Fusion, 2023


"Honestly, just really great!" — THE Beltane, 2023


"Great job!" — THE Beltane, 2023


"Fantastic and well-thought-out presentation." — Brimstone 6, 2019


"Loved it — intimacy put together with impact — great subject." — Brimstone 6, 2019


"Excellent overview, great demonstration and explanation" —Brimstone 6, 2019


"Loved the session. You guys are everything. Great pair." — Brimstone 6, 2019